How Do You Grow Oyster Leaf?

The Oystea leaf (Mertensia maritima) is a unique vegetable in any home garden because it looks like an herb with the leaves tasting like an oyster - that fresh, ocean flavor. It is a perennial plant that belongs to the borage family that’s primarily grown in the northern hemisphere.

It’s great to have Oyster leaf plants in your vegetable collection because they can be grown all year round and is easy to grow in gardens or greenhouses! It best thrives in a wet, sub-arctic climate, exposed to frigid temperatures and ocean waves. The Oyster leaf is as unique as the flavor it has. Apart from the flavor, the texture of its leaves is succulent and tender making it a great addition to fresh salads. Another thing about its leaves is the earthy aroma and mineral flavor it has. At first glance, this plant really looks like something that isn’t edible but gives it a chance and it’d make a great addition to your garden and diet!

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