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We use botanical and environmental data to determine the optimal plants to grow where you are, right now. No more guesswork, no more archaic guidebooks, and no more plants dead on arrival!

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We utilize generate relevant insights and plant care instructions that are catered to your circumstances and experience. We'll tell you what your plants need, when they need it.

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Build a helpful community together with other budding gardeners. Ask questions and contribute answers to our vast database of plant knowledge.

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How does taim.io help me?

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Taim.io helps you get started by selecting the ideal crops for you, avoiding both waste and disappointment, while maximizing your chances with growing healthy, high-yielding plants. Now only will you learn a ton about botany and agriculture as you grow, but you'll also connect with a large community of gardeners who'll make the experience even more rewarding.

Can I grow vegetables at home right now?

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Yes. There's always something you can grow, wherever you are. The key is knowing what and how! Each plant has its own unique set of requirements in order to thrive. Meanwhile, the environment in your exact location is also unique. So, somewhere out there is a plant that's right for your conditions, right now!

What does a taim.io membership cost?

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Accessing basic plants in Taim.io is free.

Do I have to download an app?

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No! If you're reading this, you'll also be able to use the web-version of our app on this device. Taim.io works on mobile, desktop, tablets, or even your smart TV.

What does technology have to do with gardening?

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Taim.io uses geographic data, climate and botanical data and other signals to determine which plants are optimal for your exact surroundings. Once you're actually growing something, we'll make sure you receive relevant care instructions, and nothing else.

What do I need to get started growing my own food?

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While your own two hands, some good soil, seeds and pots will go a long way, you might want to get yourself some basic supplies and tools to take things a step further. For instance, some shears, gloves, a spade and a rake will certainly help. Don't worry though, the equipment needs will be explained and laid out for you as you progress!

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