Taimio Team

Helping people grow

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Lars Nyman

Chief Gardener

Lars is a startup veteran, former marketing consultant and ex-Googler with a background in both science and business. Having mentored hundreds of businesses ranging from early stage Techstars startups to Fortune 500 companies, he’s helped bring countless products & strategies to light in the SaaS, education, FMCG space. Lars also has a lifelong passion for gardening & agriculture, and is in fact known to eat entire lettuces in one sitting.

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Valeria Vozzheva


A seasoned UX & product designer, Valeria has created product frameworks for companies ranging from behemoths such as P&G and Walmart to brand new climate-tech ventures. Valeria has a strong technical & web-centric background, and is also a former mentor to other designers. She is also an established illustrator and is known for drawing her apples and pears before eating them.

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Ivica Angelovski

Scientific Advisor

Ivica is a dedicated professional agronomist with over a wealth of experience in the field of agriculture production. He is currently engaged as Advisor Officer for Plant Health in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy in the Republic of North Macedonia. An expert on organic farming, horticulture, vegetable production, integrated pest management, seed technology and soil management, his full list of qualifications run as tall as his cornstalks.