How Do You Grow Dragon Tongue Bush Beans?

The Dragon Tongue Bush Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris) is not your ordinary garden bush bean. It is unique in a way based on its appearance, delicate flavor, and texture. This type of bush bean is an heirloom variety originating from the Netherlands wherein it was also called the ‘Dragon Langerie’ and “Merveille de Piemonte”.

Unlike regular bush bean pods, Dragon Tongue pods do have not strings in their outlines and are color yellow with vibrant purple stripes or streaks. You can harvest these young or mature for the whole pods or beans, respectively. Dragon Tongue Bush Beans are quick-growing annuals that are easy to grow and can be planted after the last frost and harvesting can be done daily if your plant is healthy! Grow these beans in well-draining, neutral to slightly basic solids at best. When ready to consume, these bush beans have a sweet and juicy flavor minus the fiber regular beans have! You can eat these raw or cooked.

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