How Do You Plant Garlic?

Written by: Lars Nyman

Growing Garlic

Growing Garlic

Ready to strengthen your gardening game with the powerful, flavorful, and highly versatile garlic plant? Let us guide you through the surprisingly simple process of planting your own aromatic garlic. Incorporating garlic into your home garden isn't just about adding flavor to your meals. It's an exciting gardening challenge that even beginners can master and enjoy. Explore the essential steps, insider tips, and best gardening practices for nurturing your garlic from cloves to full-grown bulbs. With our comprehensive guide on "How Do You Plant Garlic?", you'll have all the knowledge you need to cultivate a robust garlic harvest right in your backyard. Dig into the rich world of garlic gardening, and uncover the rewarding experience of homegrown, fresh-from-the-earth garlic.


When to Plant Garlic:

Plant in fall for bigger bulbs & stronger flavor. 🌱

Prepare the Soil:

  • Choose well-drained soil rich in organic matter. 🌿
  • Loosen the soil & remove weeds. ☘️
  • Add compost for optimal growth. 🌱

Select the Right Garlic:

Choose large, healthy cloves from reputable sources. 🧄

Planting Garlic:

  • Plant individual garlic cloves pointy side up. 🌱
  • Space cloves 6 inches apart & 2 inches deep. 📏
  • Cover with soil & lightly firm down. 🌱

Care & Maintenance:

  • Water regularly but don't overwater. 💦
  • Apply organic mulch for weed control. 🌿
  • Remove the garlic scapes for stronger bulbs. 🌱

Harvesting Garlic:

Wait for 85-90% yellow leaves, then dig up bulbs. 🚜

Curing & Storing Garlic:

  • Hang in a well-ventilated area for 2-4 weeks. 🏡
  • Store in a cool, dark place with low humidity. 🌡️

Benefits of Growing Garlic:

  • Boosts immune system. 🌱
  • Rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. 💪
  • Enhances flavor & nutrition in meals. 🍽️

Planting Garlic For A Perfectly Spicy Garden

Gardening is a great way to bring some spicy flavor into your kitchen and some vibrant greens into your life. But many gardeners don’t realize how easy it is to plant garlic—and how delicious and nutritious the results can be! With just a few easy steps and enough patience to get your garlic patch off the ground, you’ll be well on your way to a deliciously spicy garden.

Before You Get Started

Before you plant any garlic, it’s important to know which varieties to consider. There are two main types of garlic: hardneck and softneck. Hardneck varieties tend to be spicier and keep better, while softneck varieties have a milder flavor. It’s important to select a variety that fits your tastes and climate, so make sure you do some research before you begin!

Preparing The Soil

Once you’ve selected the garlic variety of your choice, the next step is to get the soil ready for planting. Garlic, like any crop, needs soil that is rich with nutrients. To ensure that your garlic will thrive, it’s important to work the soil well. Add organic matter like compost or manure and turn the soil over to ensure that it’s loose and ready for planting.

Planting And Growing

Now that your soil is prepped, it’s time to start planting! Plant your garlic cloves in the fall for the best results, but they can also be planted as early as late summer—just make sure the ground isn’t too wet or too cold. Plant each clove 4-6 inches apart and cover with 1-2 inches of soil. Water your garlic patch regularly—not too much, not too little—and wait for your delicious crop to grow!

Harvesting And Storing

Garlic should be ready for harvest anywhere from 6-8 months after planting, depending on the variety. Once you’ve harvested the garlic, you’ll need to cure it for a few weeks before storing. The curing process helps to bring out the flavor and give the garlic a longer shelf life. To keep your garlic in great shape, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct light.


And there you have it: you’re now primed to enjoy the spicy flavor of garlic straight from your own garden! Planting garlic may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of know-how and enough patience, you’ll be able to reap the delicious rewards of a perfectly spiced garden. So, grab your trowel and dive right in!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When is the best time to plant garlic?

Planting garlic is best done in the fall before the ground freezes.

2. How deep should I plant garlic cloves?

Plant garlic cloves about 2 inches deep into well-drained soil.

3. How far apart should I space the garlic cloves?

Space garlic cloves at least 4-6 inches apart to allow enough room for growth.

4. Should I water garlic immediately after planting?

Water garlic immediately after planting to settle the soil around the cloves.

5. How often should I water garlic plants?

Water garlic plants regularly to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

6. Do garlic plants need fertilizer?

Garlic plants benefit from a balanced fertilizer applied during the growing season.

7. Are there any pests or diseases that affect garlic?

Garlic can be prone to pests such as aphids and diseases like white rot. Ensure proper maintenance and hygiene to prevent or treat them.

8. When is garlic ready to harvest?

Garlic is ready to harvest when the leaves start to turn yellow and dry up.

9. How do I store harvested garlic?

Cure garlic by hanging it in a dry, well-ventilated area for a few weeks before storing in a cool, dark place.

10. Can I replant cloves from harvested garlic?

Absolutely! You can replant cloves from harvested garlic to continue growing your own garlic in future seasons.

Planting garlic is a simple but time-honored activity that delivers so much satisfaction. Whether you’re a veteran or novice gardener, taking the time to learn the process and enjoy this tasty and healthy plant can be a real pleasure. Take the time, enjoy the process, and you’ll soon reap the rewards!

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