How Do You Grow Blue Jade Corn?

A great space saver with good produce and a touch of color - that’s the Blue Jade corn trademark. A true jade in any home garden - this variety of corn is not only amazing because of its color, but it is also the one sweet corn varieties that can be successfully in containers! The Blue Jade Corn (Zea may ‘Blue Jade’) belongs to the grass family but grows only 3 feet tall!

This corn variety grows in 70 - 80 days before fully maturing and is a shorter growing season compared to other corn varieties. Although its stalks are miniature, it can produce 3 - 6 corn ears when fully mature! The kernels are truly blue but turn a vibrant jade blue when cooked. The corn ears harvested from this variety are also smaller in size but so much sweeter in taste! It makes for a great vegetable to add to your home garden and a source of carbohydrates aside from potatoes and rice.

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