How Do You Plant Celeriac?

Celeriac is a cool-season vegetable that is planted for its thick roots that appear like a turnip. It is quite a heavy-feeder vegetable but it will surely make a great vegetable in any dish! Want to get started?

Intro to growing Celeriac

Great choice! Growing celeriac is a lot of fun. Plus, they are tasty and healthy!


Use rich, moisture-retentive soil with plenty of compost dug in. Maintain temperatures between 70 and 75 F during the day and 60 to 65F at night. Celeriac is a moisture-loving plant, so keep the soil constantly damp. It should never be allowed to dry out. Celeriac ideally wants sandy loam to grow in. Sandy loam simply means soil consisting of less than 7 percent clay, less than 50 percent silt, and between 43 and 50 percent sand.


You are obviously also going to need seeds!


This plant needs full sun.


Start the seeds off in early spring, sowing thinly in a small pot.


Celeriac should be sown at a depth of 0.25 inches (1 cm).


Germination can be erratic. Once seedlings appear, grow on in a frost-free greenhouse or coldframe, although good results are possible on a bright windowsill. Celeriac takes two to three weeks to germinate.

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