How Do You Grow Oca?

Sounds a bit odd for a garden plant, right? But the Oca is more amazing than you think. The Oca is also popularly known as the New Zealand yam but looks a lot more like stubby, wrinkled carrots. It is a perennial bushy plant whose leaves look like clover.

Ocas are best grown in higher elevations in temperate areas. The Oca is resistant to low temperatures and prefers cooler climate conditions except for frost, which will kill the foliage.When you decide to grow your own Oca, it’s best to start planting in the spring, and can be ready for harvest in four months' time! What’s so cool about Ocas is that you can cook and prep these vegetables just like other root crops like purple yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes! Ocas are excellent when boiled, baked, or fried! You can also pickle these or dry them out to achieve a sweeter taste. The leaves also have great uses! It can be eaten or used to feed livestock such as pigs.

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