How Do You Grow Autumn Star Kalettes?

A true star of the show in your home garden is the Autumn Star Kalettes. (Brassica oleracea ‘Autumn Star’). This hearty vegetable will make an excellent beginner plant in your garden as it is easy to grow and maintain.

The Autumn Star Kalettes are a new hybrid of kale and brusBrusselsel sprouts that feature miniature kale plants along the stem of each plant. After harvesting it fresh, it can be eaten straight away or cooked as a side dish. You can try steaming or sauteeing these into many soups and stir-fries as an experiment. What’s also so great about this variety is that it’s the fastest to mature and it grows just as big the regular Brussel sprouts and kale. To grow these in your garden, you can simply start the seeds indoors and transplant from May to mid-June. Since this is a cool-season plant, these are ready for harvest as early as fall to winter or around 110 days after planting!

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