The Seven Deadly Sins Of Gardening

There are a few common mistakes made by beginners that can make their gardening experience less than enjoyable. In order to avoid these mistakes and have a successful gardening experience, you may require some additional help or have someone give you step-by-step instructions on what to do or not do when planting your garden.

What are some of the most basic gardening mistakes?

1. Overcrowding your plants in the garden and the plots.
2. Planting in an area that’s too shaded or not receiving enough sunlight.
3. Over-fertilizing or using chemicals for your plants.
4. Planting in whatever soil is available; not taking into consideration what type of soil the plant actually demands.
5. Simply forgetting to water your plants adequately. Different plants require different amounts of water!
6. Planting during the wrong season.
7. Forgetting to harvest!

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