A Simple Guide To Pruning In Your Garden

Pruning is a garden practice most folks aren’t aware of. In fact, pruning is a good way to keep your plants healthy and performing optimally. It's also a great practice to reduce the number of plants and sizes in your garden by removing excess branches, leaving one or two main stems to support your desired height. In addition, pruning helps many plants look their best by removing dead, injured or off-size branches and leaves. Pruning your shrubs and trees promotes better flower and fruit growth!

There are a few basic pruning techniques that gardeners can practice. Maintenance pruning for example is the most basic practice in gardens that improves the overall health and appearance of your plants. Pinching is also a type of pruning that’s mostly practiced on bushes and shrubs. Aside from the pruning techniques, there are also a tools you can use to practice pruning such as the pruning shears. Just remember, before you start your pruning make sure you and your plant are all set and ready for it!

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