Garden Size: How Big Does My Garden Really Need To Be?

So, does garden size really matter to produce a good yield? Generally speaking, a 200-square-foot garden per person will be sufficient to provide a harvest all year round. For an average family of four, plan for an 800-square-foot garden — a plot that’s 20 feet by 40 feet in size should do the trick. You might be wondering, “what if my garden is nowhere near that size?” Don’t panic because this is where gardening techniques can come in handy. Initially, if your garden space is limited you can always apply trellising (for vine-like plants), potting, indoor growing, hanging baskets, or vertical gardening. The options for getting creative with your garden space are bountiful! You can expand your growing beyond the garden and have pots of herbs on the kitchen counter or planters of tomatoes and eggplants in the balcony. You can also create a trellis along the walls of your home for other climbing vegetables like cucumbers and peas! As any experienced gardener would say, use your imagination and creativity to get planting beyond the garden! The 200-square-foot ideal size shouldn’t be confined to the outside garden, you can have it all around your home wherever the sun shines and you have a water source nearby. What’s important in gardening is the love and care you give to tending to these plants!

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