Cream Of Tartar Against The Pests In Your Garden

Ants are probably one of the worst pests in the garden and your kitchen pantry. They’re a nuisance to both your crops and your kitchen cabinets, and in fact they seem to find their way everywhere You may have tried synthetic pesticides to rid of them, and are now looking for an organic alternative. Here's a hack that’s sure to get the ants out of your kitchen and your garden. Cream of Tartar goes beyond making meringue perfect in the kitchen – it also repels pesky ants from attacking your pantry or garden. How exactly does that work? Cream of Tartar contains an acid salt in its mixture, which happens to be a known natural repellant for ants. The salt is a kind of alkaline poison for most insects that have with an exoskeleton; like ants.

Here’s how you can apply this simple hack at home. The first thing you can do is spread cream of tartar around the areas infested with ants - this can be done in both your garden and your home. The next is creating a liquid solution of water and cream of tartar and start spraying away in your garden! The best thing about this hack is that it’s easy, inexpensive, and safe for you and your garden.

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