Citrus Peels As A Fertilizer And Pest Repellant

Pests are probably one of the worst things a home gardener can experience! Sadly, it’s an unavoidable situation for most gardeners but doesn’t worry - we’ve got a hack that’s got you covered! If you’ve got any citrus peels from your kitchen, don’t toss them out and add these instead to your garden soil. Simply scatter the peels around the base of your plants and let its delicate sour scent do the trick with the pests. It may not be as effective as using chemical pesticides but it’s natural, cheap, and easy to do.

With this hack, you can avoid a number of pests such as ants, aphids, and mosquitoes, which are both a pest to your plants and a pest to you! Aside from repelling pests, there are other benefits citrus peels can do for your garden. Citrus peels add sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and more to your garden. Adding citrus peels to your soil can also add nitrogen and nutrients to your plants. So the next time you eat an orange or squeeze a lemon, make sure to strip the peel and add it to your garden!

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