Welcoming Pollinators Into Your Garden

Pollinators are every gardener's and plant's best friend! These little garden helpers are more important than you think. They may be small but they play a big role in the flowering and fruiting of your plants and almost every other plant in the world. Little garden helpers such as bees, butterflies, bats, and birds are pollinators for many plants around the globe. Without them, your garden and many plants won't flourish.

So what do these little garden pollinators do? It’s simple but crucial. Whenever a little pollinator feeds on a flower’s sweet nectar, they take an important part of the flower with them – pollen. When pollinators feed, they take pollen with them on their bodies and transfer them to other flowers. And what happens next is magic! Flowers become pollinated, fertilized and then viola – here come the fruits! Who knew that something so simple turns out to be something so vital? So, whenever you see these little garden helpers in action, give them the space they need and thank them for their hard work!

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