How Do You Plant Jerusalem Artichoke?

Jerusalem artichokes are known for their long, silvery green, lobed leaves that are delectable when consumed. It requires cool and humid summers to will produce numerous buds when in bloom. Let’s get planting!

Intro to growing Jerusalem artichoke

OK, let's get started. Growing jerusalem artichoke is a lot of fun. Plus, they are tasty and healthy!


These root vegetables can grow in just about any soil. They grow best in loose, well-drained, fertile, slightly alkaline soils. Jerusalem artichoke ideally wants sandy loam to grow in.


You're going to need some tubers! These are available in early sprign from garden centres and online suppliers.


This plant needs full sun.


The "eyes" should be facing upward, and the tuber pieces should weigh at least 1.75 ounces—smaller pieces can also result in a lesser yield. The soil should be moist but not saturated!


Jerusalem artichoke should be sown at a depth of 5 inches (13 cm).

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