How Do You Grow Painted Hill Corn?

This variety of corn almost looks like candy! Maybe this is where candymakers got the inspiration for candy corn, right? Whatever it’s history may be, having the Painted Hill Corn (Zea mays var. saccharata) in your garden will add so much more fun and color into your vegetable garden!

The Painted Hill Corn is an heirloom variety of sweet corn created from crossing the Luther Hill and Painted Mountain corn. It thrives best in short-season areas with warmer temperatures but cool, rich soils and full sun conditions. It’s an open-pollinated variety so no need to worry about how you can produce corn ears during the growing season. When growing this variety of corn, it first appears white and produces its red, yellow, and purple kernels as it matures. Many also say from experience that this corn is more flavorful than other ordinary varieties. If you want a more intense color in the kernels, you can leave them out to dry in the sun! So head on to the nearest gardening shop near you and start planting your Painted Hill corn today.

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