How Do You Grow Black Nebula Carrot?

Oh yes - blue corn, pink celery, and now black carrots! If you haven’t heard of this yet, here it is. Introducing the Black Nebula carrot (Daucus carrota ‘Black Nebula’), one of the coolest vegetables you’ll harvest from your garden!

The Black Nebula carrot belongs to the Apiaceae family and this variety was developed by a seed company in the United States for home garden use and was selected for its earthy flavor, high nutritional content, and unusual purple-black hue. It is considered a superfood by many gardeners because of its high anthocyanin and antioxidant contents. This carrot variety grows best under full sun conditions, cooler temperatures, and adequate soil moisture. The roots when mature have a fine sweet flavor with traces of wild berry taste in their flavor. Some also say this variety has a unique earthy flavor. It’s slightly slender with a crisp texture. Many home gardeners grow this variety both an ornamental and as a culinary plant. These can be consumed fresh or cooked in dishes!Today, the Black Nebula carrot is a rare variety solely because it is selectively available through seed catalogs and by specialty farms.

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