Using Honey To Propagate Cutting Growth

Did you know that honey isn’t only good for you but also for the plants in your garden? Give this garden hack a try and see for yourself! In addition to containing possible rooting agents, it is thought that using honey for cuttings helps guard against bacterial or fungal problems, allowing the little cuttings to remain healthy and strong. The concept is certainly simple: when you take a stem cutting, you simply dip the cut end into honey before you insert it into your favorite growing medium, likely potting soil or vermiculite. This is supposed to stimulate better and faster rooting. It’s something you really have to give a try and see if it works well for you! Simply gather honey and mix it in hot water. Once the water and honey mixture cools, dip the end of your cuttings into the mixture and seal it tightly into the main plant.

So, how does this process actually work? In the process of boiling food, many micronutrients seep into the boiled off the water. Some micronutrients include phosphorous, nitrogen, and nitrogen. This liquid fertilizer is ready to water after letting it cool down a bit. This is such an easy fertilizing process to do it requires the littlest effort and inputs! Practicing this in your garden will help promote natural nutrient storage within the soil. This means you will not have to fertilize your plants or garden as often providing longevity for your soil. It will also help your soil retain more moisture, therefore reducing the amount of times you will need to water.

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