Use Soda To Prolong The Life Of Your Flowers

Who doesn’t want fresh flowers every day in their homes? If you’re one of those folks, then this hack is something you should definitely give a try! This simple hack involves some freshly cut flowers, soda, water, and a vase. We all know that plants need sugar and carbon dioxide to perform their basic functions to survive, right? So, why not aid in providing sugar for your fresh-cut flowers by adding (non-diet) lemon soda to the vase water? It’s a hack that’s proven to work because the sugar present in the soda acts as ‘food’ for the flowers. To try this hack, simply mix one part non-diet soda with three parts water. Cut some of your favorite flowers from the garden and place it in a pretty vase and -- tada! Your beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers will stay in bloom for up to two weeks!

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