The Plot Thickens: Plants To Avoid Pairing

Plotting your garden sounds like an easy task. You may want to have a garden with diverse fruits and vegetables but what you probably didn't know is that some of your garden plants shouldn't be planted along or at the same time as other plants.

Some common garden plants to avoid planting together include:

1. Garlic and onions with beans and peas
2. Mint and onion with asparagus
3. Cucurbits with potatoes

Potatoes, asparagus, beans, and peas are just some examples of garden plants that have allopathic properties. What are allopathic plants? These types of plants release chemical compounds from their roots that can inhibit or even kill other plants growing nearby. By learning how to plot your garden, you'll be able to grow plants that will thrive in your soil and avoid those that will hinder each other's growth.

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