How Do You Plant Winter Squash?

Written by: Lars Nyman

Growing Winter Squash

Growing Winter Squash

Are you pondering over when and how to plant winter squash? Look no further! In this informative guide, we delve deep into everything you need to know about planting and growing your very own thriving winter squash garden from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro or a green-thumbed beginner keen on adding pops of fresh color and nutrition into your plot, we've got you covered. From planting and nurturing to harvest, our comprehensive guide is drenched with practical tips, common pitfalls to avoid and expert advice, designed to help you master the art of cultivating robust, healthy winter squash all season long.

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Cheatsheet: Winter Squash Planting

Choose the Right Variety

🔎 Research various winter squash varieties to find the best fit for your region and preferences.

Prep the Soil

🌱 Ensure well-draining soil with organic matter, like compost or aged manure, for optimal growth.

Start Seeds Indoors

🌱 Start seeds 3-4 weeks before the last frost date in peat pots or containers.

Transplant Seedlings

✂️ Harden off seedlings by gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions, then transplant into prepared soil.

Plant Seeds Directly

✋ Forgo transplanting by directly sowing seeds in well-warmed soil after the last frost.

Provide Adequate Space

📏 Allow enough room for sprawling vines, typically 3-6 feet apart in rows or in hills.

Water & Mulch

💧 Keep soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Apply organic mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Feed Fruits

🌱 Fertilize regularly with a balanced organic fertilizer to promote healthy growth and abundant fruiting.

Monitor Pests & Diseases

🐛 Regularly inspect plants for pests like squash bugs, vine borers, or powdery mildew. Take appropriate control measures if detected.

Harvest at the Right Time

📆 Harvest when the squash reaches maturity and the skin is firm enough to resist puncture by a fingernail.

Enjoy the Benefits

🍽️ Winter squash is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Store properly and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Intro To Growing Winter Squash

Let's get this show on the road. Growing winter squash is a lot of fun. plus, they are tasty and healthy!


use well-drained soil enriched with plenty of compost. pick a big pot to grow squash, one plant will easily take up the space in a 24 inches deep pot. before planting or sowing seeds outdoors, prepare the ground where each squash will grow. winter squash ideally wants sandy loam to grow in. sandy loam simply means soil consisting of less than 7 percent clay, less than 50 percent silt, and between 43 and 50 percent sand.


you can plant summer squashes in growing bags or containers at least 45cm (18in) wide. plant one or two per growing bag, or one per container.


you are obviously also going to need seeds!


this plant needs full sun.


squashes are usually sown indoors in pots, to get them off to an early start, then planted out after the last frost. this will usually give you an earlier and larger crop, and is useful in colder regions. it also keeps the vulnerable seedlings safe from slugs and snails. make a hole about a spade's depth, width and height and fill with a mixture of home-made compost or well-rotted manure and soil. sprinkle a general purpose fertiliser over the soil. plant 1 squash or make 1 sowing in middle. from early spring, sow the flat seeds on their side, 13mm (0.5 in) deep, in 7.5cm (3in) pots of compost and keepat 18-21c (65-70f).


Frequently Asked Questions about Growing Winter Squash

1. When should I plant winter squash?

Plant winter squash in late spring or early summer.

2. What kind of soil is best for growing winter squash?

Well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter is ideal for growing winter squash.

3. How much sun does winter squash need?

Winter squash thrives in full sun, so ensure it gets at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

4. How deep should I plant winter squash seeds?

Plant winter squash seeds about 1 inch deep into the soil.

5. How far apart should I space winter squash plants?

Space winter squash plants about 3-4 feet apart to give them room to grow and spread.

6. How often should I water winter squash?

Water winter squash deeply once a week, ensuring the soil is moist but not waterlogged.

7. Can I grow winter squash in containers?

Yes, you can grow winter squash in large containers or pots, provided they have sufficient space and good drainage.

8. How long does it take for winter squash to mature?

Winter squash typically takes 80-100 days to mature, depending on the variety.

9. How do I know when winter squash is ready to harvest?

Winter squash is ready to harvest when the rinds are hard and cannot be easily pierced with a fingernail.

10. How should I store winter squash after harvesting?

Store winter squash in a cool, dry place with good ventilation, such as a cellar or pantry.

Planting winter squash can require a little extra effort, but if done correctly, it can be a rewarding experience. not only do you get a useful winter vegetable, but you also get to enjoy the beauty and bounty of your garden as the sun warms the world after a cold winter.

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