How Do You Grow Chiogia Beets?

A new kind of beet around the bush is the Chioggia beet. The Chioggia is an early 1800s Italian heirloom variety from the original garden beet (Beta vulgaris). It’s also called the Candystripe Beet or Bull’s Eye Beet because of how it resembles both!

The Chioggia beet is unique from the ordinary garden beet because of its interesting features. When cut in half, the beet has alternating white and red rings. Sometimes, some Chioggia beets are full-on red or white or heavily alternating. With regards to taste, these beets are said to be sweeter, and a little bit milder in terms of their peppery taste. Even if it’s an heirloom variety, Chioggia beets are just as easy to grow and maintain as garden beets. These beets are a cool-season crop that is best planted in the early spring and can be harvested within the early fall season. It’s best to plant these in slightly shaded areas with well-draining soil and rich in organic matter.

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