Why Keeping A Garden Journal Is So Important

Garden journaling is crucial for all gardeners. What's it all about though? You keep track of your plants growth and other important notes such as time of planting, time of transplant, fertilizer application schedule, predicted harvest dates, and many more.

You can also keep track of what kind of fertilizers or pesticides you've used to avoid over-applying these to your chemicals. Tracking your gardening tasks, your successes (and inevitable fails) allows you to manage your garden initiatives more easily. It also helps you build on your gardening knowledge from year to year, and it helps you understand the conditions in your own specific garden.

By jotting down key actions, observed weather conditions in your journal, you'll begin to see patterns and connections between your various endeavours and the results you observe. If you haven't already, start a gardening journal today!

Keeping a journal will help you learn from your experience and make sure to share your tips and advice with others. It will also be a great way to look back on your gardening journey once you’ve stopped planting and tending to your plants.

There are many garden journaling options available, such as online journals, apps, or printed books. Keeping a garden journal is as easy as keeping a regular journal. You can even turn it into a relaxing activity by doing it in the garden, at the end of a row, or in a sunny spot!

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