Planting Vegetables Without Seeds

With the right attitude, knowledge and tools, you can grow just about anything you want in your garden. But did you know that some plants don't even require seeds? Sometimes, growing a plant from seeds simply isn't ideal, and that's is where using active plant parts comes to play. Some examples would be root crops such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, herbs like mint and rosemary, or artichokes.

For plants like potatoes or ginger, you can use what's referred to as the 'eye' as the starter for growing a new plant. These are effectively the bright 'lumps' that are often seen shooting out of the potatoes or roots like ginger or radishes. Well, those 'eyes' can actually be sown. Cut the fruit down to size, with the eye sticking up, and plant it. Make sure to use organic, untreated produce when using this method though. In the case of herbs such as mint, you can use fresh cuttings and dip them in water for a few weeks until new roots develop. Pretty cool, right?

Crops such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, herbs like mint and rosemary, or artichokes can be started from cuttings or purchased seedlings. These plants are called ‘non-seeders', and they are just as hardy and healthy when grown from cuttings or transplants. You can easily propagate these plants by planting their nodes in soil, or by taking a cutting from the plant and placing it directly in soil.

You can also try taking root cuttings, which are easy to do, and can also be done outside during the summer months!

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