Mature Trees Are Big Drinkers

Mature trees use plenty of water, particularly during the months when they are in full leaf (i.e. late spring and all through summer). Remember to keep a watchful eye on your plant's water needs during the growing season!

While you do want to give your tree plenty of water, you also don’t want to overdo it. If you see that your plant’s soil is starting to get waterlogged or soggy, you probably have too much water circulating throughout the roots.

What you want to do instead is to target watering your plant’s roots, not the top couple of inches of soil. This will help your plant to absorb water more efficiently, reducing the amount of water that runs off through the leaves. As a general rule, you want to target watering your tree when you see that the soil is just barely moist, not soaking wet.

If you want to give your tree a boost of water throughout the growing season, consider setting up a soaker hose. This will allow you to target water directly to the roots of your tree, helping it to get the water it needs.

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