Garden Plants That Naturally Repel Pests

It's no myth that some garden plants can naturally repel pests. In fact, the reason behind this is because of naturally occurring compounds present in the plants that pests just seem to dislike. Marigolds are a great example. Some gardeners add these flowers to their gardeners because of its ability to prevent the repel insects such as whiteflies and nematodes. Herbs such as mint and basil are known for repelling mosquitoes and common houseflies. Chrysanthemums are also great floral pest repellants. Adding these flowers to your garden will add color and repel spider mites, silverfish, Japanese beetles, ants, bed bugs, roaches, and fleas.

Some people even use marigolds as an alternative to chemical pesticides. Plus, they’re easy to grow and aren’t fussy about soil conditions. Marigolds are a perennial, so they will keep flowering throughout the year. When planting marigolds, try to choose bright yellow varieties. These will also look great in containers!

These flowers also attract bees, which will pollinate your plants and make them even more beautiful. You can plant these flowers in pots on your patio, in hanging baskets, or anywhere else you want to beautify your landscape.

You can pair Indian daisies with marigolds to repel mosquitoes. These flowers add beauty and color to your garden and attract bees. Marigolds and daisies are hardy and easy to grow, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

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