Edamame Or Soybean – What You Should Know

History time! During the Civil War, soldiers used dried soybeans as coffee berries to brew coffee when real coffee beans were scarce. Nothing beats a good old cup of coffee before starting the day, even if it were in the 1800s!

Soybeans have been grown for over three thousand years in Asia. Western contact with soybeans and soyfoods was limited until Asians began to emigrate to Europe and the U.S. in the 1800s.

Soybeans are used in a many industrial products, including oils, soap, cosmetics, resins, plastics, inks, crayons, solvents, clothing and biodiesel.

Soybeans form a complete protein, as they contain all eight amino acids essential for human health ­– and they’re one of the very few plants that do!

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