Caring For Potted Fruit Trees

If your potted tree must remain outdoors for the winter, you could try mulching over the surface of the soil. Mulching provides a lot of benefits for your plant such as: 1. Lessen the growth of weeds that compete with your plant 2. Provide insulation and protection for roots during the cold winter season Try "planting" the container in the ground to help further insulate the roots!

Mulching also offers a range of more in-depth, and less obvious benefits. For instance, mulching can reduce soil temperature and it absorbs water if it rains on the soil. It reduces evaporative water loss, and it reduces soil shock from watering. Mulching also helps reduce soil compaction from watering.

Mulch will reduce soil aeration by reducing the number of roots that dig into the soil, which can reduce root growth and decrease oxygen uptake. Mulch will also reduce soil acidity by trapping carbon dioxide in the soil!

Mulch should be a material that is not toxic to your potted tree. Mulch will help keep your potted tree pot warm in the winter and reduce soil shock from watering by reducing the amount of direct soil contact. Mulch will also reduce soil compaction by allowing air to get under the soil!

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