Back To Basics: When And How Much To Water Your Home Garden

Watering plants in your home garden can be one of the trickiest tasks you do each day. Most indoor plants will require frequent watering, and if you're looking to grow them outside or as houseplants, that means you'll need to know how much water they need. So what are some general tips for watering plants? And how should you go about ensuring your indoor or outdoor garden stays healthy without wasting too much water?

For outdoor plants, it’s important to water early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid evaporation and give time for the roots to absorb water. A good rule of thumb is to water your plants once every day, even if you don’t see any signs of wilting. You can tell how much a plant needs to be watered by drilling your finger into the top couple of inches of soil around your plants. If it feels most, you're probably OK!

Water your plants regularly – and gear this towards the weather and the conditions you observe in the soil and in the plant itself. Where possible, water plants in the morning or evening, when the soil is most dry. This helps prevent root damage. Don’t overwater your plants. Water plants deeply, but not so much that runoff occurs.

A lack of water can lead to a host of problems, from unhealthy foliage to root-caused diseases like Pythium. If you’re unsure of the climate and weather conditions where you live, consider investing in a rain gauge so that you can accurately predict how much water your plants will need. And if you do happen to be experiencing a long dry spell, make sure to water your plants regularly!

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