Wait, Are Herbs Perennials?

Herbs are either perennials or annuals in the garden. Perennials like sage, thyme, lavender, chives, and mint do not need to be replanted each year. Annuals like basil and cilantro will not survive a proper winter, so they must be replanted each spring. Meanwhile, dill, fennel, and a few other annual herbs actually reseed each year. So, once planted, they often return year after year; not necessarily in the place in the garden though!

Annual herbs, like parsley and cilantro, will die after the season is over. You can purchase herb plants and keep them in a container and move them to a new location each year. Or you can purchase bare root plants and plant them as soon as possible.

Most herbaceous plants such as impatiens, geranium, and tuberose do not survive over the winter, so they must be dug up and stored for the winter.

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