About Those Garden Chemicals: Poison Is Not The Cure

Garden chemicals shouldn’t always be your first go-to once you spot a problem in your garden. In fact, if you ask any seasoned gardener out there, they’ll often tell you the same thing, namely: "prevention is always better than cure". Garden chemicals should be your last resort when it comes to treating your plants. You can reduce your chances of getting hit by pests and disease, simply by choosing healthy plants or seedlings that you add to your garden. In addition, early spotting problems early can really help you avoid using chemicals altogether.

However, some situations are simply too late to save, in which case some garden chemicals can still prove necessary and effective. Luckily, common garden chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides come with guides providing recommendations on how to properly apply and utilize them. More imporantly, they will also help you identify which chemical applications may be actually harmful and advise you when not to use them. Lastly, pay close attention to the required dosages and timings for each specific product you use. Using only a bare minimum might be a better option than remaining a purist and sacrificing your whole crop!

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