How Do You Grow Romanesco Broccoli?

This unique plant is something you will be dying to have planted in your garden. When you first take a look at it, let’s be honest - it looks like something from out of this world! With its little spikes and conical shape, it almost looks like a small tree.

The Romanesco broccoli belongs to the family of Brassicas and is an Italian heirloom of broccoli. It was once solely grown in Ancient Rome alone and Romans used to call this plant the “cabbage flower”. This odd broccoli grows striking light green heads with multiple cone-shaped flowers. Don’t worry about its appearance because Romanesco broccolis are very easy to grow. These broccolis are a cool season plant and can be started indoors at least four to six weeks ahead of transplant. Asides from this, these vegetables are high in vitamin C and protein and if you compare this to the normal cauliflowers and broccolis, it features a firm texture with a delicate, nutty flavor.

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