How Do You Grow Rat's Tail Raddish?

The Rat’s Tail Radish (Raphanus sativus var. caudatus), also known as the Serpent Radish is an ancient variety originating from Indonesia. It’s called the rat’s tail because of how the main crop resembles an actual rat’s tail. What makes this radish even more special is that it’s not grown for its roots. Instead, the Rat’s Tail Radish is grown for its seed pods that are best when young and green.

The taste of the seed pods is also quite interesting and unique. When harvested young, the pods are crisp yet tender and have a slight spicy flavor to it. Because of its flavor, most gardeners who have this plant often call it the spicy bean. Combine this to many raw or cooked dishes to add more flavor to it or pickle it later as a garnish! It’s also a good thing to add this vegetable to your garden because it’s easy and fairly simple to grow and maintain! Plant the seeds in the early spring and your pods are ready for harvest after 4 weeks of planting. The plants will continue to produce pods even during the hot climates making these a great alternative to the cool season radishes you usually have!

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