How Do You Grow Cosmic Purple Carrots?

Your mind will be blown once you find the truth about carrots - these were never orange to begin with! During the earlier years, carrots were originally dark purple to almost black and were hairy, smaller, and quite hard. Thanks to Dutch farmers in the 17th century, the orange carrot was developed by crossing different breeds.

Today, Cosmic Purple Carrots (Daucus carrots ‘Cosmic Purple’) are making a come back for consumers and gardeners who want to spice up their vegetable collection. It provides the same health benefits as any orange variety carrot does and yes, they’re still very rich in vitamin A and anthocyanins. Don’t worry about how to grow this vegetable because it’s as simple and easy as the orange carrots. Carrots grove best in well-prepared soil that’s a combination of sand and loam for best aeration and richness in organic matter. The great thing about these is that you can put the seeds in during late frost with little snow!

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